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Mcabre Brothers Tour 2019 w/ Jack Danz

Saturday 25 May 2019

Tell A Friend, Bring A Friend, Mcabre Brothers are in effect again.

Mcabre Brothers
ft: Lee Scott, Milkavelli, SUMGii Beats
Jack Danz
King Grubb

Support from Leeds own Defender of style Jack Danz on a solo Birthday set!!

DJ support: BT3K – Beat Freak – Elements / Musicology

Saturday 25th May
Hifi Club Leeds
Over 18s
Doors 11 – 3am

The 616 Dvlgng, Blah Records, Cult Mountain, Cult of The Damned Gods deemed the highly glamorous city of Leeds as one of the English churches that shall host the ceremony and we daren’t defy divine orders.

Fresh from their February project release; ‘Tell A friend’ which quickly sold out on Vinyl, the Mcabre Brothers are taking it to stages across the UK and Ireland this April and May 2019.

Therefore, your attendance is compulsory. We know every cult member in Brighton by name and address. Alas, there will be severe repercussions should you fail to attend, and so it was written.

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