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Hot Fuzz presents Husky Loops + HAUS

Thursday 4 October 2018

Fuzzy Logic presents Hot Fuzz – a new outlet for live music at The HiFi Club,

Husky Loops are a band set on breaking the rules, bending genre boundaries and stepping boldly into the unknown. Their tracks strike a perfect balance between the unhinged nature of their live shows and the meticulous detail that goes into every one of their studio recordings. Critically adored by musicians, bands and press alike – frequently described as unique, un-pigeonhole-able, visceral live, huge epic tunes and more recently, “pissed off pop”.

HAUS are a 5 piece heralding from North London with Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic influences. HAUS are Sam Kelly, Daniel Hylton Nuamah, Lyle Simpson, Ellis Mortimer and Ashley Mulimba.

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