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Sam’s Soul Shack: The World Tour – Ibiza

Saturday 4 August 2018

Everyone is gripped by World Cup fever, and Sam is no exception. But he has global interests of another kind too: he is on a quest to find the sauciest soul sounds from overseas – and we are going to showcase them in the HiFi basement this summer.

He has enlisted some of Leeds’ finest selectors to join him on a journey which will take you from our gritty northern streets to strange towns in Eastern Europe to Caribbean dancehalls and even the White Isle in the 80s.

In recent years, Ibiza has been associated with all the wrong connotations – astronomical prices, irresponsible tourism, tacky nightclubs, and even tackier music. But there was a time in the 1980s and 90s that Ibiza was truly one of the hottest spots for cutting edge dance music, and eclectic DJing. The legacy of that period lives on in the mystical Balearic genre, which can utter ambient house, folk-funk and classic 80s pop in the same breath.

You’d think that, being a soulie, Sam would have no business on the White Isle. But an integral part of the Balearic sound is made up with soul – or at least incredibly soulful music. Andy Pye, head of Leeds’ Balearic Soul event, will be introducing you to this supremely sunny sound in this next stop on the World Tour.

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